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Anonymous asked:

That image does not show whats happening in Gaza. What's happening is that for god knows how many years Gaza has fired missiles at us and now we are defending ourselves. Why would we let the people who have caused us so much harm into our land? The fact that so many have died is directly tied to Hamas' stupidity. If they stopped firing missiles, we would too. We aren't cold blooded killers like the media makes us out to be.


Hamas fires rockets because your government has a full fledged apartheid system against Palestinians which denies freedom of movement, access to clean water, access to equal hospitals and schools, trade and economic development, etc. Your government even has different roads for Palestinians! All the while a continuous, violent encroachment upon what’s left of Palestinian land keeps on and on.

And despite this, you can ignore it all and claim self-defense and massacre thousand of Palestinians with every incursion into Gaza and the West Bank? You need to re-learn what self-defense is. Ya sippin too much Zionist koolaid.

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